Low Tech Material Management

Low/No Tech Tips Ikea  and the Dollar Tree are a teacher’s best friend when it comes to managing materials. Two of my favorite material management items come from these glorious stores.

FLUNS – 4/$0.99 @ Ikea


These inexpensive beauties store one notebook, a library book, a work folder, and a pencil. Reinforce the bottom with some duct tape and label each one with a students name. I have done this for THREE years in a row. I have had ZERO pencils, ZERO notebooks, ZERO library books, ZERO work folders go M.I.A. Even with 160 students, this will only set you back about $40.00. Store them on a bookshelf.  Train your students to pick them up on the way in and put them up on the way out.  And voila! No more lost anything. My favorite saying, “boxes don’t get lost.” And guess what? One hundred times out of one hundred times, boxes and all the materials are fully recovered.

Three Compartment Caddy – $1.00 @ Dollar Tree


Even though my classroom is “high tech”, I use an interactive notebook . An interactive notebook requires scissors, glue, highlighters, and color pencils. In order to manage all this madness, I used a caddy. I put three small cups the larger compartment for color pencils, the scissors in the medium compartment and glue sticks in the smaller compartment. In my class we generally used only three colors or pencils for writing, hence the reason I had three cups (color coded of course to match the color pencils). One variation that I did was to put boxes of color pencils in the larger compartment. I only put enough boxes of color pencils in the caddy so that each group had two boxes of color pencils. I assigned a caddy master to pass out supplies. Believe or not this was a prestigious honor. Kids would come out of the wood work to be a caddy master. I think maybe it is because they called a “caddy master.” Names have power. FYI scissors, glue and color pencils also came from the Dollar Tree.

Do you have a great classroom management tip? Feel free to share.


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