How it all got started…

Integrating technology has been a great interest of mine since I attended NTCE in 2008, and watched a demo lesson on PBWikis. From that moment on, I made it my mission as an ELA teacher to somehow put technology in the hands of my students. I have incorporated PBwikis, streaming videos (in which I crashed an entire district’s network and received a personal phone call from the technology director), Mimio devices, interactive boards, Macbooks, Chromebooks, iPads, NearpodPreziQuizlet Live, and my personal favorite Google Classroom.  Of course this is a small list of technology I have used in the classroom.

I am sure you may be asking yourself, why am I sharing this now? Well, I like to troubleshoot. There is nothing worse than having a great tool that you can’t explain or teach effectively to others. Maybe its a hazard of the trade. So now that I have, at some point in my 10 year career, used these great technologies, I have launched this blog in hopes of sharing my knowledge with others . Check back on the first Fridays for the how to’s and the 101’s and FREE downloads for each 101 and how to.


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